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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sooo glad I went last night to the BAT for the closing night of "He Died With a Felafel In His Hand".

Last night's excursion was my first exposure to John Birmingham's novel, or any of his novels for that matter, and the experience was AWESOME! Obviously, without having read the book, I can't be 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure that the screenplay wasn't entirely true to the original. The jury is still out on Flinthart as manager of a strip club, but references to current politicians, events, technical advancements, and certain people who manifest frequently in JB's blogosphere, sort of gave the game away. Of course, that was a big part of the charm and a certain amount of the humour.

The best thing for me though, was the feeling that even had I not been familiar with the Burger "in jokes", I would still have had a fabulous time. The cast were amazing, the script was hilarious, the energy was electric. I'm not a writer (by any stretch of the imagination), nor am I a regular film or theatre-goer. I'm certainly not a critic. I just know what I enjoy, and I really enjoyed this.  My one regret was that I didn't realise that The Brat would have the night off when I booked my ticket. He would really have loved it, having inherited my weird sense of humour.

Thank you so much to all concerned, and I will definitely be fronting up for the sequel. To the Fabulous Girl Clumsy, if you thank me for coming one more time, I will have to bitch slap you. Of course not being 16, I'm not entirely sure how to bitch slap, but meh you get that. You were amazing, and it's you, the entire cast and crew, and of course the author and playwright who deserve thanks, and you have mine.


  1. We saw it last year - actually won tickets with a 'tell us about your idiot flatmate' competition and we very much enjoyed it too. I wish I'd started reading the blog earlier because I think we missed a few in jokes.

    I had one of the first ever copies of falafal but like many of my books it has grown legs and been replaced a few times. In future at book signings I think I will ask authors to say 'Just give the FKN book back to Quokka or I'll FKN cap you' and be done with it.

    I went to an author event two Decembers ago, simply to ask JB if my ex neighbour Alex had truly been the source of some of the stories. JB shook his head and said 'Alex. God. The WORST stories came from Alex.'

    I feel so honored to have shared a boundary with a bounder.

  2. Quokka, now I'm even more intrigued. Life got in the way of book shopping today, so I will go tomorrow.

    Medway, you lazy shit! Where's your review?

  3. Mayhem there's always the library.
    Books are expensive but its the space that mine take up that's starting to get to me. Not to mention dusting the bloody shelves they're on.

  4. Can I watch you slap her? Not that I want you to slap her (I am morally opposed to violence in all forms) but if you are going to slap her, I wouldn't mind observing -from a reasonable distance, of course, to avoid later claims of interfering with event.

  5. Strip club? I'm sure I'd remember that. Wouldn't I?

  6. Mayhem

    The light blue writing on the very bright red background of your page is very hard to read.

    Once I clicked on your story the text background changed to white and made it much easier to read.

    Just a friendly observation.


  7. Hi Mayhem please drop me a line at bangaratinternode.on.net
    I've found AoT books 2 and 3 cheap.

  8. PNB: I wouldn't actually slap her, or anyone else for that matter. You'll have to just take your voyeuristic tendencies elsewhere.

    Flinthart: I don't know, would you? What I determined from the play was that there was an awful lot happening back then, that an awful lot of people won't (or don't want to) remember.

    Ausgaz: Hi, and welcome. Not sure what happened there. The page is set up so that only the surrounds are red. The actual posts are in like a text box, in dark blue font on a pale grey background. I have noticed that the background is white when I view the blog from work, but it's never come up with the text on a red background for me. My gremlins are probably screwing with you. Don't be offended though, they're not too bothered about who they choose to stuff around on any given day. I'll give them a stern talking to. But seriously, I hope it doesn't continue to happen, I'd hate to put you off visiting.

    Bangar: Thanks heaps, I will drop you a line.

  9. Mayhem, you have to replace at with @ so you have user name "everwho" @ "service provider". Using at instead of @ is a common way of providing an email address that a human can read and a bot can't so you reduce the number of spam databases your email is on.

  10. Mayhem

    Looks like its working for me now.

    Not to worry. I would probably have kept visiting in anycase.

  11. Ausgaz, good to know it's working now, (amazing how easy it is to scare gremlins into behaving - wish it was that easy with The Brat). Also good to know that you will keep visiting, hope I can make it worth your while.

  12. Spam? You get FKN spam on a blog site?
    And you lot were trying to encourage me to generate one of these debil-debils for myself?

    Fark that.

    Oh and hi Mayhem.
    I can't remember what I'm doing here but today's been like that. tra la la.

  13. I can say with a reasonable amount of authority based on extensive - if not vast - personal experience that bitch slapping is much, much more difficult than it sounds or appears. My best advice is to practice, practice, practice.


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