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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Twitter and other things........... ' cos I can't think of a better title.

Well there's nothing to bitch about this week, except the heat. Those of you who live in SEQ already know it's been craptacularly hot, those of you who don't, have listened to those of us who do, bitch about it ad infinitum. So that's it! It's hot!

The Brat had his Oz day BBQ yesterday, and it went off really well. No problems, no gatecrashers, sadly it appears we did have one bogan in the house, kept wanting to move the party to SouthBank, but we kept him on a leash, so that was okay too. The Brat bought a large kids pool, and proved once and for all, that around water on a hot day, we're all still kids. The carpet got soaked, but one of the young girls who attended the party stuck around today to clean up with my brother's help, while The Brat and I were at work.

Tried the Roo, didn't care for it, but at least now I can say I've tried it. Don't you hate it though when kids turn around and use your own words against you? I was forever telling The Brat off for saying he didn't like a particular food when he hadn't tried it. So of course when I was unsure about eating Skippy, it was "how do you know you don't like it if you haven't tried it?" Brat! So I've tried it and I STILL don't like it, so there! The best bit? I didn't have to do a thing. No prep, no cooking, no cleaning. I did pick up a bag of ice when I went out for a couple of things I needed, but just in case, not because I'd been asked to. I even managed to escape a lot of the noise by barricading myself in my brother's air conditioned flat, and reading a Joy Fielding novel.

I finally succumbed to the twitterverse this past week or so. Anyone who has read my very first post may remember the warning from "Handsome Nautilus" to stay away from the evil of twitter. Turns out he just didn't want to share. I'm getting into it slowly, but if anyone can point me towards a twitter tutorial I'd be grateful. It's a whole new language - TweetDeck, Echofon, Twitpic - all greek to me, but if I don't learn to use it properly, I'll probably give up. I'd like to be able to keep in touch a bit while I'm away next month, and won't have access to a computer. I think I can use twitter on my phone, but not sure how. Any tips would be welcome.

Which brings me to pretty much the only other news I have this week. Heading back to Melbourne for 8 days at the end of February. Fireman Sam will pick me up, so Catty, here's your chance to break out the cheerleader outfit, if you can get it back from Rhino in one piece. Have tentative plans to catch up with some of the Melbourne Burgers while I'm there, hopefully that will happen. The ball's in your court fellas. Also, if anyone knows of a job down there for an Admin Guru, let me know!

So that's it! Maybe my life will be more exciting next week! Tune in just in case.


  1. Hey, Mayhem. I've been up to my eyeballs in back-to-school preparation. The usual stuff: going to sales only to find out the things I needed have sold out, getting uniforms out of the cupboard only to find they are stained and don't fit any more (especially the teen. EVERYTHING, literally, didn't fit), re-naming school bags with that insidious puff paint nonsense, ensuring the Pokemon/Tinkerbell/Scooby Doo themed library bags/lunch boxes/art smocks aren't suddenly out of vogue, stocking up on crap snacks to stuff in lunch boxes, searching for valium... you know the drill.
    Just to keep me on my toes, lots of bored kids have been dumped on my doorstep for playdates while their parents go to school supply sales, replace outgrown uniforms and repaint names on their kids bags - with the puff paint they borrowed from me.
    Then there's my bestie who is due to have her baby any week now. Pregnant women can be a tad needy, but that's what besties are for.
    Also, the Boss has been sucked in to eBay. I am expected to monitor his purchases and sales constantly during the day. But that's what wives are for.
    And as for me? I'm wondering how I had time to blog so much before. I've been keeping off the computer (except for the odd Blunty) but still haven't managed to clear out the spare room or write that damned book. But that's what the valium is for.
    It's good you had a nice Australia Day. One day I will have time to sit down and read a novel, too. Sigh! Maybe we can catch up when you're down here and you can tell me what it's like? Until then, it's once more into the fray. Ciao!

  2. Meh. The heat sux, and I have a pool and Air con in three different rooms of the house. Try to limit how much we use it but lately it's just been too disgusting not to hide in it for at least part of the day. Last night I slept in it and was still FKN clammy from the humidity.

    Great news that you are job hunting and off down south for a hoooliday.

    See I told you Catty still loved us. I have several friends who have three kids and its impossible to find them in the fortnight before school starts back. Unless you run into them in office or school supplies stores, or Coles, where they gibber and dribble and look ready to eat their own young.

    I am interested in this twitter thing but think it could well send me nuts. Still toying with the face book idea - not that I would ever post anything on it, its just that you can read twitter on it and access whatever we are missing at JB's site.

    The grown up within tells me I have far too much work to do for my study this year to FK about with twitter. I still keep waiting for the next big thing to come along to cast it in the shade. maybe I'll ride the next wave.

    Meh. Its hot.
    I might go dance in the rain.
    Or pass out on the couch.

  3. Well, I'm glad you hoofed me off the sofa.
    You'll have to keep me posted with this twitter thing.
    I woke up and saw the Silence at CBG this morning and felt this awful twinge, that being twitterless, I'm missing out.

    We are off to take Swamp Dog out for some fun at the dog beach.
    I hear there's record king tides at 10.34am and as we're thinking of relocating out by the bay down the track I'd like to figure out the water mark, calculate rising sea levels, and look at real estate above the high water mark accordingly.

    Fark knows where my glasses are so I hope that all makes sense.

  4. Hey ladies! Catty, hope things calm down enough for you to rejoin the real world soon. Note the irony! Hopefully we will have a bit of a gathering when I'm there next month. Flights and accomodation all booked. FS seems to be looking forward to it as much as I am. Bangar supposed to be organising something either lunch or dinner. He has some books for me, so we should definitely get together.

    Quokka, last night was great. I'm really glad I went, even if I did forget to record The Bill, bugger! Don't worry too much about missing out on twitter, yes there's some good stuff, and it can be a lot easier to interact because it's real time, but OMFG you sometimes have to wade through some CRAP! Twitter won't take over for me though, I will still be at the Burger, in fact I usually have both open simultaneously. Sometimes I feel like a stalker.

  5. Yes, I really enjoyed meeting you and I'm glad I came out.

    A girlfriend of mine has facebook and she says she can read twitter on that.

    Family in WA want me to do the facebook thing.
    I would never update it, never put personal details of our life on it, and I would never post photos of myself on the net.
    I keep telling the teenagers in my life 'Er...about that photo you've just posted, you do realize that if you die a horrible death in a three car pile up THAT is what will be on page three of the Courier Mail the next day, right?'

    Aside from that I've seen my friend checking her facebook site and some of the absolute crap that comes up astounds me. i.e a grown woman, a lecturer at UQ, no less, posted a message saying 'Poll: Do you think that friend X (my friend) would go for jail bait?'

    Friend x says that she has to go through and delete crap like that every day. But the whole business of 'Will you be my friend' and 'I'm unfriending you now' - seems really juvenile.

    But yes, I figured there'd be a whole heap of faffing crap on twitter and from what I've seen its all terribly disjointed. One of the things I like about Cheeseburger is when the group gets on a roll and it turns into high comedy. the Troll and the resident Wet Blanket tend to screw with this, but I tend not to read their comments.

  6. Have a blast, Mayhem. And camera-phone me some pix of Catty with her pom-poms... and one of FS.

    Just a headshot, nothing kinky!


  7. MM: In order to camera phone you something I would have to have a number. I got a new digital camera for Christmas, If you're lucky I might take some photos and post them.... once I work out how lol! And definitely nothing kinky, those are for my PRIVATE collection.


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