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Single Mum of teenage chef, affectionately known as The Brat. Have started a new life at the tender age of 44, embarking on a relationship with my childhood sweetheart... I know cliche central, but so far it works for us! New job, new friends, new challenges. Life's GOOD!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Some legitimate, others just nit picking.... which is which? You decide, and let me know some of yours.

  1. People who come to work sick, spreading their germs through the office. This one is particularly grating at the moment, because my boss (the one who says "if you're sick, you're sick, you shouldn't come to work") has just spent the better part of this week sharing his germs through the airconditioning system, and now I feel like crap.
  2. People who replace the word They've with the word There've - "there've been at the Gold Coast on holidays for a week". This is particularly annoying when it comes from a newsreader.
  3. People who replace the word number with the word amount. "A large amount of visitors to this year's EKKA will end up with the 'flu".
  4. Tailgaters
  5. People who buy brand new cars without checking that indicators have been fitted.
  6. Idiots who park trucks or LWB vehicles in car parks designated SMALL CARS ONLY.
  7. Parents with Prams parking spaces.
  8. Toll roads
  9. People who assume that because I am female, I can't possibly know anything about, or have a valid opinion on "boy stuff"... cars, football, cricket etc.
  10. Public transport - not per se, just when it's inefficient.
  11. The assumption that because I have a child I am, or have been, married. Because if not, then obviously I am a slut.
  12. Ex-smokers who say "if I can do it anyone can"! Yes Mum, but it took you 50 years to quit, that means I've got another 20 or so to work on it....
Okay, so I know I'm not the only one..... Tell me your pet (or petty) peeves. We can have a real bitch fest here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tassie Babes... No Spoilers

Well finally something to write about YAY!

I promise no spoilers, as I know many of you have plans to see it in the future, so just an opinion from me.

Awesome night. The Brat came along with me, and we had a blast. The show was fast and funny, never a dull moment. The cast was hilarious, and VERY impressive in dealing with (what I assume were) minor bloopers. I have read the book quite recently, and recognised it in the play (always handy I suppose), but the adaptation included references to current events and technology, hysterical in the 80's setting.

Big congratulations to Girlclumsy and her cast and crew. Also to JB and Bedes. Top night, and I will probably return for closing night.

It was also great to catch up with some fellow burgers, though sadly I forgot to take photos. Maybe next time.