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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Gift!

Just a little something.....

Passionfruit Balls

125g Copha
250g Cream Cheese
1 cup Icing Sugar
1/2 cup Passionfruit Pulp (don't use tinned)
1/2 to 1 cup Plain Biscuit Crumbs (I use Nice)
Dessicated Coconut

Melt Copha, mix with all other ingredients. Place in fridge for 1/2 hour (the mix will be very soft, if still too soft to roll after refrigeration, add more biscuit crumbs - sorry, most of my Grandma's recipes are similarly vague, a small 1/2 cup of this, a large teaspoon of that etc.), before rolling into balls and rolling in Dessicated Coconut.

Not difficult, but will be sticky. Have found that kids love the messiness of making these, and they are absolutely delicious - The Passionfruit Balls - not the kids :)


  1. I think it sounds good-but I'd have to look up what copha is.

  2. Hey YD,

    Thanks for dropping by! Copha, who knew that it's almost only an Australian product.....?

    Have wiki'd Copha, and found out it's pure coconut oil solidified, and difficult to come by under any name over in your neck of the woods. Seems you might have some trouble with this one. I have also researched possible substitutes. Apparently it has been suggested that substituting vegetable shortening, while others say not a good idea. Another suggestion is Palmin, which apparently may be found in good European deli's.

    I had considered posting my Rum Ball recipe, I mean you can get Rum in the U.S. can't you? I will try to get that up later today.

  3. I once made rum balls for a morning tea at work. Because it was a government office, I used rum flavouring instead of real rum.

    Goodness, but I wish I had taken a video camera! Three of the office lesbians ate the whole plate of rum balls, and then carried on like they were drunk as skunks! We're not sure what went on in the mop cupboard, but two of the girls ended up moving in together - so it must have been good.

    I never did get around to telling them there was no alcohol in the balls. It was funnier not to.

  4. Catty, LOL! 3 of the office lesbians? How many were there all up?

  5. It's hard to say. They just kept on coming out of the closet. Kinda like those little cars at the circus, where the clowns just keep coming and coming until somebody douses the thing with custard.
    Maybe that's where we went wrong. Maybe we should have doused the mop cupboard in custard...

  6. Catty, I will be in Thornbury Thursday and Friday, Werribee Saturday overnight, and back to Thornbury Sunday. Could meet you in the city if that's convenient either Friday or Sunday on my way back from Werribee. If somewhere else is better, let me know and I'll work out the logistics. Email me on t.sparks@bigpond.net.au with your phone number and I'll give you a call.

    Mind you, a bit disappointed you won't be at the airport in your cheerleader outfit, but I s'pose that was for me and FS, and as he won't be around, we'll have to organise it for next time.

  7. Bonus! I've got the Boss thumbing through his maps, and will send you an email once he's worked out the best options. Sorry I couldn't meet you at the airport - Rhino ate my cheerleaders outfit.


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