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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just Checkin' In!

On the wind down now to Christmas, thank God!

The shopping is done, the fruit for my pudding should be nicely pissed by now, all that remains is to get through half a day at work tomorrow, throw the pudding together and boil the shit out of it for 3 hours, make Rum balls, Passionfruit Balls, and White Christmas, wrap pressies, then midnight Mass at 9 o'clock tomorrow night!

Friday will start early with breakfast at Mums. We limit ourselves to Ham and Eggs, juice and tea (made with real tea leaves in a real teapot). That's because lunch will be Ham, Chicken, Turkey, Pork, roast veg, (about 5 varieties usually), stuffing (home made of course), and gravy. Dessert will follow about two hours later, Plum Pudding, Trifle, Jelly, Ice Cream and of course my Grandma's secret recipe Brandy Sauce. All this after possibly snacking on the odd Rum Ball Passionfruit Ball and White Christmas.

After lunch, we will all be too stuffed to move, and will each find a comfortable bed or couch and sleep until late afternoon (assuming lunch doesn't happen late afternoon). Dinner for those who partake is obviously leftovers. My Mum cooks for an army, and given that there are only 5 for lunch this year, leftovers may well last into February 2010. The only concession my parents seem to have made to the absence this year of the Melbourne contingent (another 5), is to buy 2 chooks instead of 3!

Good news is that The Brat will have 4 days off over Christmas! YAY!! I really miss him as I only see him for about an hour at night when I'm not too tired to wait up until midnight for him to get home from work.

Bad news is that The Man has said he won't make it up to Brisbane over the holidays! I suggested joining him in Melbourne, but was discouraged. I figure this means one of two things: either he is hoping to surprise me by turning up unannounced; or he's having 2nd thoughts about our relationship and where it's headed. Either way, there's not a lot I can do about it at the moment, I don't dare push the issue and just fly down, in case he ends up here while I'm down there! After a major meltdown a couple of nights ago, I have decided that I refuse to let the situation ruin Christmas for me. My family, and especially The Brat, don't deserve that, so I'm taking a wait and see approach. Trying not to get my hopes up, but feeling that the situation makes no sense given our recent conversations and my visit to Melbourne last month. Que Sera Sera!

So that's it from me until after Christmas, and possibly New Years (depending on developments if any). Except to wish all of you, my new friends, and all of those you love, a Safe and Happy Christmas, and a wonderful New Year. Thanks to all of you who have welcomed me, and my neuroses into your lives. You are appreciated.


  1. Yay to time with the Brat, and the rest of your planned festivites sound ideal - you'll be too busy - and groaning full - to torment yourself.

    Which brings me to - babe, Fireman Sam is being a man. Who knows why he's being weird - work hassles are the default position, but it could be the precarious state of Australian cricket, lingering angst over Malcolm Turnball, too much booze, too little booze... you may never know.

    So, grant me a Christmas wish - Have fun! Let go, relax, enjoy your son and family. Avoid agonising. Refrain from tormenting yourself with gothic hypotheticals. And then, when he does phone/drop around/propose/drop a bombshell he'll be interacting with a cheerful, chilled, together woman.

    :) and a big mwah!

  2. I just cooked dinner and washed up, while the Boss got to sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn and light sparklers to guide Santa. Then they placed all the presents (that I bought and wrapped) under the tree. It was then that they noticed that amongst the mountains, there was only one gift for mummy.
    I know what it is, too. Not at all what I was expecting, and certainly not what was on my wishlist - New Shoes!
    My point? Men don't ever do what we expect them to - sometimes they do something much, much better. (but not always, they have to keep us guessing you know!) So don't sweat about Fireman Sam. If he's backing out, he's an idiot and you deserve better than an idiot. If he's planning a surprise, make sure you have one for him in your bedside drawer. (having chocolate body paint on standby isn't wasteful, as you can eat it with a spoon when you're alone.) If he really is tied up at work, consider it a glimpse into the future because that kind of thing never changes, and who needs ulcers?
    Whatever happens, remember there are people around you who love you, and they're not going anywhere - also there are some special shops where you can buy battery powered hoses that might help.
    I send you and the Brat (and your Mum - the real one) white light and love for Christmas. Blessings!


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