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Single Mum of teenage chef, affectionately known as The Brat. Have started a new life at the tender age of 44, embarking on a relationship with my childhood sweetheart... I know cliche central, but so far it works for us! New job, new friends, new challenges. Life's GOOD!

Friday, November 27, 2009

To Melbourne for a dirty weekend!

What you want more than than that? Forget it, see you next week.


  1. Enjoy my town, tell 'em you know me.

  2. Thanks Nautilus, I always enjoy Melbourne, I grew up there and I love the place. Which is why, if this relationship goes the way I hope and plan, eventually we will be together in Melbourne, not Brissie. I will wave to you.

  3. Rock and roll... in the original sense of the metaphor!

  4. Back and very happy. Thanks for your kind wishes gents. Nautilus, I had hoped to spend some time yesterday just wandering Melbourne, turns out I had something better to do. I know hard to believe.


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