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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting There

First: A big thank you and welcome to those who are reading, and for the comments.

Pleased to report that progress on the resolution front has been made.

The boss has given me a payrise!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Not heaps, but more than I expected (I didn't put a figure on the request), and certainly a step in the right direction.

I have said NO, at least once this week, though from memory I ended up caving anyway. I have however, warned The Brat that NO is a word he should expect to hear more frequently.

Number 4 is on hold this week, as my underwear budget was instead spent on a new printer, which I can't get working, and 2 new fans, one of which doesn't work. Excellent, I hate shopping, and now I have to head back to the shops to a) get some tech support for my printer - I know what's wrong with it, I just can't fix it, maybe The Brat can help when he gets home in about half an hour - and b) to return the not working fan.

Number 5, what can I say. I had hoped to head to Melbourne next weekend for my man's birthday, unfortunately in the continued absence of a lotto win, the budget just couldn't stretch that far. Maybe if I hadn't bought new underwear over the last month or so, I mean it's not like I'll need it in Melbourne anyway right????? On the plus side Christmas is getting closer by the minute (Dear God did I just say plus side and Christmas in the same sentence?), and the Lover will be here for a week or so immediately following.

Number 6 - I actually used that argument in my request for a payrise. There are 2 of us in our little workplace, and both of us make mistakes, the difference being I can't issue consequences for his mistakes, while he can for mine. Unfortunately my mistakes tend to cause more consequences for the business, because I usually find his and fix them before any damage can be done. I pointed that out as well. Gently! Not sure why it worked, but I was quite proud of my achiement, as I have never held a job where some sort of annual remuneration increase was not automatic, even if it's just CPI.

Anywho, a little more positive this week, and determined to keep at it. The smokes are still my constant companion, I've stopped stressing about that, as it really doesn't help. I WILL get there, sooner rather than later I believe, and I am not beating myself up over this setback as I refuse to consider it a failure.


  1. Good for you getting that payrise!
    I must admit that asking for a payrise is probably in my top 5 scariest things ever list.

  2. Fronting the boss for more money takes some serious stones. You're on your way. Nicely done, Mayhem!

  3. Thanks Guys,

    I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The boss is a pretty good bloke actually, and one of the things I pointed out was that I accepted the job on a remuneration offer less than I had asked for. I did that purely on the basis of our instant rapport at the interview, but was beginning to regret it. Apparently he does actually value my positive contribution to the business, and conceded he may have allowed a few hiccups to overshadow the good things.

    So yeah, YAY me!

  4. Congrats Mayhem! Now don't spend all your new income on new undies. Save it for Travel expenses!

  5. Thanks Medway, and yes that's definitely the plan.

  6. If you don't ask you don't get.

    Well done!

  7. You have an underwear budget? I am not trying to be suggestive or inappropriate (both of which I am more than capable of being). It's just that I've never heard of a budget for underwear. I suspect this is a sign of my general naivete and specific failure to pay attention to the details of my marriage.

  8. PNB: LOL, I think you've missed the point! If you go back a couple to the post about hating my life and generally feeling sorry for myself, you'll probably pick up on the fact that my beef really is more that I shouldn't NEED to budget for undies. I SHOULD be able to just buy them whenever I want or need them.

    Right now, I don't actually need underwear, but as a generously proportioned (did you like that?) woman, it's rare to find pretty ones that fit. At the moment, there are heaps of pretty knickers and bras around in my size and after years of wearing granny undies, I like to be able to wear them and feel sexy. I shouldn't have to say, "this $50 should be going towards the electricity, phone" or whatever other bill just happens top be burning a hole in the desk drawer at the time.

    Hope this clears it up for you.

  9. Undies should have to be bought. They should just appear.

  10. Whoops. That should have been "Undies should _not_ have to be bought".

  11. I'm with you Maenad, and the thing is, I buy them for myself, I could have been wearing brown paper underwear in Melbourne this weekend for all the notice my man took.


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