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Friday, December 17, 2010


Having worked in various branches of the finance industry for more than half my life, I'm not usually one for bashing the banks or insurance companies etc., however if there's one thing (or two actually) that I CANNOT stand, it's being lied to or taken for a fool.

A couple of years ago, I opened a new bank account. I've been perfectly happy with the bank I'd been with for many years, but there were issues with the length of time it was taking for my salary to get from the boss' account with bank 1, to my account with bank 2. So I opened an account with bank 1. Problem solved! The boss would press the necessary buttons on his computer, sing out and let my know I'd been paid, and I could log in and immedaitely make the various payments and transfers that keep a roof over my head, and the electricity and phone etc. connected.

UNTIL YESTERDAY!!!! When my salary still hadn't hit my account more than 7 hours after it had been transferred, I phoned the bank.

"When will these computer issues that have been all over the news for weeks, be fixed?"

" We're no longer having any computer issues."

"So where's my pay then?"

"It can take 24 to 48 hours for funds to go from one account to another."

"BULLSHIT! Either you're lying to me, or you're being lied to my your higher-ups!"

"No, it's always been the case. Recent computer problems are all fixed, and have nothing to do with your current situation."

"So, you're telling me that for the last 2 years+ I have just been LUCKY that my pay has been applied to my account immediately after my boss has initiated the transfer?"

"Well.... yes."

(Actual conversation not necessarily as polite and calm as illustrated above... but you get the idea).

I got the same story from two different staff members, and I made it VERY clear that I didn't believe a word of it. And I don't! And if it IS true, then it's an absolute RORT! I hate the fact that I live payday to payday, though at the moment, (with The Brat out of work), it's more like payday to 3 days before payday. Nevertheless, for now, and for the immediate future, that's how it is. So when a huge corporation like this bank can just allow MY money to just float around in the ether unaccounted for, I get PISSED OFF!!!

What's worse, is that this bank couldn't even be bothered telling me the truth! If they had, I'd still have been unhappy, but I wouldn't have the burning rage that will see me take this matter further. I WILL take this matter further, all the way to the CEO if necessary (I have done it before and had a win). Wish me luck!


  1. Oh frack do I feel your pain. Isn't it amazing that when they want your money it's gone in a milli-second but yours takes days to approve? They are lying...they are playing with your money on the international stock market every night. Knob-Swallowers!

    I get paid in cash now. LOVE IT.

  2. You have every right to stand up and yell. They do talk down to you with the company dialogue and official line, and yes, that official line will depend on how it best serves getting their neck out of the noose. Meanwhile, as Nat said, they're investing your money.

  3. I walked out of my last bank after over twenty years as a 'valued customer' due to the BS. I made it CRYSTAL clear to the new bank, screw me over once, even give me reason to feel unhappy - I am not only out of there, they will be getting a call from the Ombudsman and I will go straight to legal action if I get half the chance PLUS 'share' my problem....with the rest of the country.

    In other words, 'Play ball nicely with me, or end up in an emergency room getting the baseball bat removed from obvious orifice.

  4. Bank 1, I'm sure, collects a few cents in interest if they hold on to the money for a day or two before passing it along to Bank 2.

    I hate direct deposit. I used to like taking my paycheck to the bank and doing the business myself. If I could, I'd ask to get my pay in a bag with the '$' on it like you see in the comics.

  5. Guys thank you!

    There is just no excuse for funds to take 12 hours or more to hit your account when they're being transferred from an account in the same bank. The Brat and I transfer between each others accounts all the time and it's ALWAYS instantaneous!

    I actually don't believe there's any reason for funds transfer to float around in the ether when they're transferrng between different banks either.

  6. Disgraceful. Good on you for girding your loins for battle. Take 'em down, Warrior Princess! I'll be cheering for you.

    I once had a problem with that bank (the one with recent failures). I spoke angrily with the branch manager, who was horribly snide. I threatened to call the Ombudsman, and she said (I kid you not), "What's an ombombombsman?"

    In horror, I asked what sort of a bank employs a manager who hasn't heard of the Ombudsman. At which point she admitted that she wasn't the manager, she was a team leader, and that if I didn't get out of the building, she would call security.

    I now bank with Credit Union Australia. After 20 years, I am still getting the personalised, efficient, transparent, quality service they gave me from day one - and with competitive interest rates, too.

    Screw the banks. Who needs them?

  7. What I'd like to know is... where the hell does the money go when it's floating around in the ether? You can be damn sure it leaves your boss's account as soon as he clicks the key. I'm pretty sure it wends its way through several high-interest bearing accounts belonging to the bank fat cats' pension funds before you get a sniff of it.

    BTW, this is money you earned a week ago, as well.

    Stick it to them, Mayhem!

  8. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel

  9. I feel your pain.

    If you're talking about the Nasty Arse Bandits, we have the same issue. Can't persuade the Bloke to part ways with them at this point in time so rather than nagging him I'm just trusting the Nasty Arse Bandits to keep FKing everyone sideways until he gets the shits with them and leaves.

    The classic was winter 2009 when they 'lost' the loan they'd approved for our renovation project and told us they couldn't give us approval for it because the necessary form was in India and the only person who could access it was away on holidays.

    I shit you not.


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