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Friday, April 23, 2010


Some legitimate, others just nit picking.... which is which? You decide, and let me know some of yours.

  1. People who come to work sick, spreading their germs through the office. This one is particularly grating at the moment, because my boss (the one who says "if you're sick, you're sick, you shouldn't come to work") has just spent the better part of this week sharing his germs through the airconditioning system, and now I feel like crap.
  2. People who replace the word They've with the word There've - "there've been at the Gold Coast on holidays for a week". This is particularly annoying when it comes from a newsreader.
  3. People who replace the word number with the word amount. "A large amount of visitors to this year's EKKA will end up with the 'flu".
  4. Tailgaters
  5. People who buy brand new cars without checking that indicators have been fitted.
  6. Idiots who park trucks or LWB vehicles in car parks designated SMALL CARS ONLY.
  7. Parents with Prams parking spaces.
  8. Toll roads
  9. People who assume that because I am female, I can't possibly know anything about, or have a valid opinion on "boy stuff"... cars, football, cricket etc.
  10. Public transport - not per se, just when it's inefficient.
  11. The assumption that because I have a child I am, or have been, married. Because if not, then obviously I am a slut.
  12. Ex-smokers who say "if I can do it anyone can"! Yes Mum, but it took you 50 years to quit, that means I've got another 20 or so to work on it....
Okay, so I know I'm not the only one..... Tell me your pet (or petty) peeves. We can have a real bitch fest here.


  1. Quokka - ROFL

    But there's gotta be more than that...?

  2. I hate it when you put an event up on Facebook for say, a play, or any event that runs over several nights - and then you get a bunch of people responding saying "Sorry - can't come that night! Have fun!" or something equally inane.

    Just shows people don't READ - if they looked at the details you can see quite easily whether it's a one-off or continuous event.

    Grr, happens all the time and it shits me to tears. I've got more pet peeves too but I'll have to assemble them and come back later. ;)

  3. GC - Please do, or I'll start to worry that I'm the only person in the world with petty, insignificant gripes.

  4. Ignorance, arrogance, lying, plastic people, and selfishness. There that just about does it.

  5. Oh, Lord, where do I start?

    My neighbour, for the way he warms his motorcycle up for at least 15 minutes, in the backyard, just outside our bedrooms windows AT 4 GD THIRTY IN THE A.M. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! And the drumkit he got for Christmas. And his cackhanded ineptness when playing it. And his equally cackhanded and tone deaf mates who come around on Sundays for a jam session.

    And Tony Abbott.

    That is all.

  6. http://DarwinAwards.com/darwin/darwin2010-01.html

    People who don't read signs.

  7. I don't have much hate left. It's largely been replaced by apathy. People are who they are.

    I do however hate the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. The sooner that bunch is in the bottom of the division, the better.

    Sorry, not very helpful tonight, I suppose.

  8. Okay folks, I seem to have fallen in with the most even tempered crowd of people it has ever been my privilege to meet. Most unlike me, I'm usually such a poor judge of character.

    Not looking for hate people - just those everyday, petty little grievances that you usually wouldn't bother airing in public, lest you be judged small-minded, whingeing, highly strung etc.

    This is it people, your opportunity to VENT, about nothing that's particularly important in the scheme of thing. Teens with shorts worn waistband at knee level - that sort of thing.

  9. His polyester safari suit.

  10. LOL! Quokka you're getting the hang of it... Class, everybody watch Quokka, see how petty and small-minded she is being?

  11. OK-you got me with the teenager pants thing. Guys, pull your pants up.

    And girls, careful with the low-rider jeans thing. Women can have the plumber's smile as well. That isn't necessarily a good look.

  12. My Pet Peeve is an Pet Peeve about people who blog about Pet Peeves and ask others to comment their Pet Peeves.

    My other Pet Peeve is people who say Pet Peeves too much.

  13. I hate hate HATE the Americanisms that have crept into the Aussie vernacular. Crap like "24/7", "skedule", or the word "jail". It's gaol, people. GAOL!

    I hate that online newspapers edit nasty comments about wankers who make nasty comments for a living. Think Vile Sandypants and Braindead McFadden. I've posted so many insults, and they NEVER get through.

    Ditto NT's freaking spam faeries.

    I despise the way JB refuses to pay up on a debt. I seriously doubt I'm getting those free TBF tickets (Pity, I was going to give them to you, Mayhem). And I doubt Abe ever got his $10.

    Lizard Man. Eeeew!

    Bloody toorak tractors. You try and park at the school at 3pm, and there are 15 car spaces - taken up by 7 damned 4WD's, spread out juuuuust far enough so that nobody can park between them. What shits me the most is that ALL of the coiffed, manicured princesses driving these things are wearing aerobics gear and walking shoes. WHY DON'T THEY WALK TO THE SCHOOL? Or at least park a block away, and leave the car parks for the humans?

    Police officers. All my experiences have been with QLD police, so 'nuf said.

    School fees. I am SICK of freaking public schools hitting me up for fees that make private schools look cheap. It's tempting to divert the Boss' whole paypacket into the school's account - and if there's anything left over, they can send it home in a coin purse with the kids' newsletters.

    Teenagers who sneer at everyone over thirty. I.e, ALL of them.

    Bindis. No not the Irwin one. Those revolting little burrs that stick in your socks. They're a bastard to weed out, and none of your neighbours will bother, so a month later your lawn is overrun again. Bloody stupid things! (So are the bindis).

    Supermarkets. Bugger all money goes to the farmers, then they gouge a massive profit margin out of the consumer. Plus, their price rises are almost triple the CPI.

    Deregulation. As Ted Bullpit used to say, somebody should blow banks up! Only I'd go with all the utilities companies, the transport dept and all insurance companies as well as the banks. Grasping, greedy bastards, with their multi million dollar bonus receiving CEO's laughing at us while we squat in our hovels. Bugger blowing them up. Instead, let's ask Havock to give ALL CEO's an enema. Or two. It would be better than a beheading to watch!

    Politicians. They have NO IDEA what it's like to live in the real world. KRudd has increased taxes by 25%, but it's not publicised - you only find out by digging. Typical Labor Party. But if we vote him out, we're stuck with Mr "no dole for under 30's, aren't I hot in my speedos" Abbot. Let's just all kill ourselves now and save them the bother of torturing us with abject poverty until we starve or freeze to death. Or we could pay some people smugglers to take us to America to apply for refugee status. At least we already speak the lingo.

    Damn. Just getting warmed up, and I have to go. If I don't leave now, I won't get a parking space at the school.

    And where's the bloody cake, Mayhem?

  14. GO Catty!

    And Cake? WTF? Bloody alcohol and chocolate not enough for you? I even got vodka in especially, and I pinched a bit of bangar's Cumquat Brandy from the Lounge.

  15. Well, that's all right then. Did you remember the olives?

    Oh, and if you can pin Girl Clumsy down re: those free TBF tickets, can you go on my behalf? I really can't go. The Boss is working in Bendigo for a few weeks, and I just bought a car a couple of days ago. So there's no babysitting, or money for plane tickets. (Another thing that shits me. Airlines - if they're cheap enough for me to afford, they're too crappy for me to risk flying with.)

    Also, I'm scared to set foot in Queensland. My mother lives an hour's drive from Brisbane. That's just waaaaay to close.


    Now I really, really need that drink. Keep 'em coming, Mayhem, and don't spare the olives.

  16. Wow, Catty, what a coincidence.
    I have relatives at Australia Zoo too.
    They keep them inside glass tanks and tap them for venom twice a week.

  17. Idiots, bloody idiots and bloody stupid idiots!

  18. Catty, thanks for the offer, but I bought my ticket for closing night this morning, and as much as I enjoyed it, and will again, I think 3 times may be SLIGHTLY OTT.
    And of COURSE I remembered the olives, what do you think I am? A bloody amateur?

    Bangar, I LOVE how specific you are. Any particular idiots, or just all of them? Details?

  19. Bangar has a good heart, Mayhem. He's far too kind to say "Balthazar, Sweet Jane and Lizard Man".

    I, however, have no such compunctions.

    Nice olives, Mayhem. I should never have doubted you.

  20. labrador hair in everything in my house.
    Love the dog, sick of, wait, here bridging F9 to f11 it is coarse, a slight curve and black as sin. I tell you, this bloody dog hair gets everywhere. I found one inside the milk bottle the other day.
    Trivial enough for you?

  21. Ooh, I thought of another one.

    Misplaced apostrophes: you know, like "Fresh" Fish or Ladie's Lingerie.

    And Nbob - it won't ease your pain, but black German Shepards are just as bad. My Dad's dog sheds handfuls of black pelt that border my white tiles like tumble weeds. I hoped the Prozac might help him but even on happy pills he's still a terrible shedder.

  22. Nbob, bitching about Hair of The Dog.
    For Shame.

  23. NBob - Welcome, and you should know that nothing is too trivial, or indeed too controversial.

    MM - I left out apostrophes because while I may be something of a spelling/grammar nazi, on the odd occasion I myself am guilty of fking that one up.

    Quokka - LOL!

    Now to my 1st point of contention in the original post. I am sick as a dog, and entertaining revenge fantasies against the germ-sharing boss. Is it enough that he is camping in this miserable weather, with three children and no wife, or is there some additional punishment I can inflict(without losing my job of course)?

  24. Mayhem, pretty much says it all.
    MIQFB, min IQ for breathing/breeding.

    Thank you Catty I keep it on a shelf for display.

    Oh and bullies (unless I can get my hands on them that I like!)

  25. Poor Mayhem.
    I think you should introduce him to Christian Science.
    Leave some pamphlets on his desk explaining that illness is the result of Bad Thoughts and the path to righteousness negates the need for pain killers and antibiotics.

    Give him a crucifix, and hide his flu medicine.

  26. Hey gang - I'm only just reading this - and Catty, you did have two free tickets for Tassie Babes - let me know if there's someone else here in town you'd like to pass them to, and I can get their names on the door.

    I'm sorry I can't spot you the airfare. ;)

  27. He's camping. Hasn't he suffered enough? If you answered, "No!" then why not a staged programme of tortures "to boost office morale" - there's only the two of you there, right?

    Declare Tuesday is "Crazy Hat Day", Thursday has become "Dress like a Pirate Day", and on "Freaky Friday" you can do each other's jobs for the day.

  28. I nominate Samsung for Dishonourable Mention.
    My washing machine - 18 months old and still under warranty - stopped working on the 2nd of April and Samsung have, as yet, failed to fix the *&^%$$ thing.

    They have, however, attempted to console us with the offering of mobile phone Spam.


  29. Thanks all,

    Bangar, I happen to know a couple of bullies, next time you're up this way, I'll let you get your hands on them.

    Catty, check your emails.

    Quokka and MM - I'm starting to feel as though I might start to feel almost human by about Tuesday. I will hold off on introducing any more punishment until I see how I go. But I'm LOVING the idea of Freaky Friday, as long as it's one of those Friday's which start with Breakfast at The Stamford Plaza or some such, and concludes at about 2:30 pm after the luncheon.

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Thanks Girl Clumsy - still love you longtime. Mayhem will be in touch about the tix.

    Mayhem, have emailed you back re: your excellent suggestion.

    Bangar, is it in a jar of cumquat brandy on that shelf? Or did you go with the gold plating? Not that you'd need gold plating on something already made of the stuff.

    NBob, wrap your dog in gaffer tape. No more shedding.

    I'm not sure Mother has a spot at Australia Zoo, Quokka. Unless it's in a pit in a basement somewhere - used for the disposal of deceased koalas, vandals, unco croc men and the contents of the rubbish bins. Environmentally friendly waste disposal, and probably far nicer fare than the stuff Mother cooks for herself and Daddy Dear.

    Pet peeves? My freaking pets. The killer attack rabbit still tries to eat me every time I go into the back yard.
    And the stupid dart fish have eaten my goldfish's fins, but only on one side - the poor thing now swims upside down and backwards.
    Plus, there's stupid Houdini the budgie, so named because he escapes the cage and poops on the curtains. Then he gets back into his cage. I should have known better than to buy a budgie that was going cheap.

    Taxi drivers are another peeve - not for long, though. Madam's death wrestling thread has offered a viable solution to the problem.

    Cheese in a can. How low can mankind go?

    And I despise Free Dress days at offices and schools. I always go and I NEVER get a free dress.

    You know what else I hate? People who complain all the time. I'm bloody glad I never complain. It's a dreadful habit.

  32. I think we should all pause and have a moment's silence for Our Man In The Swamp.

    And try not to smirk while you're doing it.

  33. Having been asked I suddenly realise all of my pet hates are road related but I'll get to that in a minute I need to speak to Catty specifically and this is the only chance.
    Caty, I'm SO sorry for what you had to put up with "elsewhere" and I knew precisely why you were doing it and it outed some pretty sick puppy stuff.I mean really really bad stuff. I was appalled on your behalf.

    If you agree, I'd like to talk to you privately because when it come to THAT topic I won't speak publicly (and I've got some good reasons not to). If you want to take me up on the offer, my email is:


  34. Which puts me in the mood to talk pet hates.
    All the Fuckers on the roads who are waiting nehind you ona roundabout and revving their engines really high , sitting almost IN your boot and they're trying to encourage you to run through when there's 40 cars coming at you because , hell, they would.
    People who treat waiters and retail staff like dogs : never thank them when the food arrives just keep talking inanely; default to rude simply because they're the customer ;all that class stuff.

    Bad-tempered co-workers who storm up to you in front of colleagues ready for a brawl not having asked you first if you did whatever "misdemeanour" they are accusing you of and then using that confrontation as leverage to get themselves in the bosses good books --at your expense.

    People who talk at yu and never ask how you are, they just crap on for hours and hours and hours about themselves. Does anyone esle know peeps like that and if so , any clues Why they do it? extraordinarily unsophisticated social skills but they get away with it...
    Abigail (again)

  35. Oh yes, another pet hate--psychopaths.You know those people you meet in "high places" who are capable of saying *anything* to hurt you because they don't feel anything about anyone but themselves? Sound familiar yet? They also enjoy splitting groups and use their charisma to persuade some (the ones who serve their needs)and castigate others and to grand stand in front of the group to try to win sympathy for themselves. A myth about psychopaths is that they are always very smart, not true , so they can in fact be quite transparent ; only, *they* think they're being clever and sneaky.Like a snake that hides its face in a hole so it thinks noone can see the rest of it.

    Plenty of them end up in jail but plenty are *not* crims, or violent, just mendacious and vicious and lacking in empathy.
    Yeah, don't like them much I give them a wide berth.

  36. Hi Abi,

    Thanks for your contributions. You really should pop in more often.

    I have emailed your message to Catty. Just a hint - If you're going to leave your email address here (or anywhere for that matter) farmat it in such a way that it can't be picked up by a spambot. (Thanks for that tip Bangar and others).

    For your emai it should go like this:

  37. Cheers, Mayhem. Yes I forget about blogs! I have "done the rounds" but only very fleetingly- but this is one where you can have long talks and it's ok to do that; a place to put your feet up and we all like that.
    Yes, will do about the email, sorry I hope it doesn't compromise your blog re spambots, just delete my post if that's so. And big thanks for passing that on to Catty! Abster.

  38. Catty, you're to kind. I've put the recipe for cumquat brandy up at my blog.

  39. No worries Abi, and the concern about your email is that it may encourage spam to YOUR inbox, not worried about this place.


    1 wenches wearing knee high fkn black boots and fkn ponytails, COS I AM MARRIED FFSAKES

    2 Muppets who stay out in the right fkn lane of freeways

    3 TAXI drivers..cos they are taxi drivers and bough their fkn lic

    4 That ya can't spot light inside a town boundary

    5 that the tigers haven't fkn won a premiership in fkn younks

    6 that DUCk season aint all year round

    7 I aint won tattslotto yet

    8 THAT I am not legally allowed TO CAP FKN MUPPETS

    9 THAT, that fkn RHINO character get into JB's fkn book and I am significantly more fkn awesome.

    10..that fkn rhino cretin again

    11 that wummen learnt the word...NO..FFSAKES!..sheez

    12 My dunny door aint an AUDI!

    13 that flashing red lights on a cars dashboard have little impact on female drivers


    15 that bull bars are not STANDARD fitment to all cars...

    16 ummmm..more to fkn follows i reckon. Gotta go make a coffee

  41. Hvk, that you are peeved at not being allowed to cap fkn muppets, that I understand.
    That your dunny door "is not an Audi", that I cannot understand, despite my best efforts, lol

  42. Abi..lol...Dunny Door = Commodore!

  43. Havsy, it could be worse. I just bought a KIA. This, apparently stands for Killed In Action. My new car is doing nothing to dispel the theory.

    The old Ford is now being used to transport dead bodies from morgues to a funeral home. It's had lots of practice, what with trasporting hordes of unenthusiastic children to various educational institutions.

    Pet Peeve - I have to pour water on the kidlets to rouse them on school days, but on weekends? They're up at sparrowfart to watch cartoons at a million decibels, play drums at a million decibels, and scream at each other over whose turn it is to play the R4 on DSL.

    It's a conspiracy, I tell you! But I WILL have my sleep in. This coming Friday night, I'm going to gaffer tape the little beggars to their beds. That'll learn 'em.

  44. C cat..IT GETS a LOT FKN WORSE.

    1. Kids playing cricket inside with MARBLES = DINTS in FKN STAINLESS STEEL FRIDGE and WALLS.

    2 Kids get up, eat and leave shit around

    3 kinds get up eat, leave shit around, put hand out for money


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