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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tassie Babes Finale

What can I say? Not much that hasn't been said better by others....

Hilarious play, awesome company, new friends, terrific atmosphere, just a great night and indeed weekend, all round.

Sadly I am a pretty dodgy photographer, so just in case you can't work it out, the above was taken during the presentation for (correct me if I get this wrong somebody),

"The John Birmingham and Simon Bedak Commemorative Urinal." 

Pictured are Uber Author John Birmingham, Amazing Playwright Simon Bedak and the Very Very Fabulous Girl Clumsy.

I'm going to leave it there for the moment, this is as much a test of my ability to post pics, I have plenty more, though this is the only one from Tassie Babes that is even vaguely recognisable. I'll come back with a bit more commentary about the rest of the weekend and photos of Friday night's Burger dinner.

Friday Night Fiasco (including pics), currently under construction. Should be finished tonight.


  1. Reckon that's a memorable shot right there.

  2. Interesting outfit JB wore, no?

    Not sure if it will catch on.


  3. Awesome! So cool. The whole night was fabulous. Thank you so much for your keenness and kindess!

  4. Awesome! So cool. The whole night was fabulous. Thank you so much for your keenness and kindess!

  5. Colour me disappointed.
    I was hoping for a shot of the urinal in use.

  6. Mayhem, good shot except JB looks about 112 and witha grey beard, just because of the way the light hit him. I was looking at it thinking, is that Greybeard? Oh GB, please don't read this blog hahaha--I'm being playful.

    When I saw the name and looked again, yes, of course it's JB.


  7. Folks, don't say I didn't warn you.

    JB, I promise I have a better one of you from Friday night, Bedes, sorry that's as good as it gets, my Friday ones of you are mainly the back of your head. GC, I'm going to post an older one of you from (I think) Impro mafia, with Medway, just because I can.

    Humpybong suggested on twitter that JB looks like a celestial being... which of course is the effect I was deliberately aiming for. Dr Yobbo wasn't as kind, and ABI, 112????

    Quokka, maybe a photo of the urinal but IN USE??? Have you ever been in a boy's bathroom? I had to clean one once at a school working bee. In my 18 years experience, the aim doesn't really get much better, and multiple that by a cast of thousands? Not this little black duck thanks.

  8. Good stuff for chronicling the weekend with photos. We all had a ball.

  9. my fave pickie of the weekend. many thanks. bedes xx

  10. Nat: You and Havock took most of the pics, I just took the credit.

    Bedes: You are toooo kind, and possibly just a LITTLE crazy. Thanks.


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