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Monday, January 10, 2011

OH FFS....

Within a couple of hours of my publishing the previous post, The Brat arrived home to announce that he has once again joined the ranks of the unemployed!

In their wisdom, his latest employers have decided to can ALL of their apprentices, and staff the kitchen with only their 3 qualified chefs, and a casual. He's gutted! He was really enjoying this job, and they were paying well too. He has a plan though.... The head chef had previously let him know that he was leaving, moving to Darwin. Given that he is one of the 3 qualified chefs, either he will have to delay his plans, or the restaurant will need another qualified chef in a hurry. The Brat will ask them to keep him on, help him qualify early, and so become their 3rd chef. We'll have an idea today as to whether or not that plan will fly.

Wish us luck, after last year we had both hoped for a better start to 2011.


  1. Well, shit! My fingers and toes are crossed for you guys!

  2. yeah mine too, failing that....CAP THE FKRS!

  3. Guys, The Brat is now working in the kitchen at his training college until he can get into a new restaurant. Unfortunately, with the floods, a LOT of these kids are without work...


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