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Friday, June 18, 2010

12 Sleeps.....

Well the dreary details of that other part of my life are over at the other joint, but there is still plenty of other stuff to chat about.

The title of this post refers of course to my man's imminent arrival in Brisbane. His visit will intersect with Mum and Dad's absence in Northern NSW for a holiday with my sister, her partner and the kids. He will arrive on Wednesday the 30th, and leave on Thursday the 8th. We will hopefully take a long weekend and bugger off up or down the coast, assuming of course that we can find accommodation during the school holidays. My Mother is being her usual pigheaded self about him and as far as I know doesn't even know that he will be here. She will be back before he leaves, so if Dad doesn't, or hasn't already, told her, she will be surprised to find him in residence on her return. Her problem, not mine, and as she was away in Cairns last weekend I took the opportunity to sit my Dad down, and let him know what's happening, and that Mum needs to stop hassling me about it. His response was that I am old enough to make my own decisions and do what I want to do, but Dad's not an easy man to read, so I have no idea how he really feels about this relationship. He has said all the right things, and I have decided to take that at face value. It was however, VERY funny, sitting with the nurse at the hospital the other day, with my Mum beside me, discussing the need for safe sex and condoms, wondering if she had a clue that it was in fact all very relevant information. I couldn't bring myself to look at her in case I burst out laughing.

I had lunch a couple of weeks ago in Brisbane with my man's sister. She's a flight attendant and has recently started having overnights in Brisbane. Apparently she will be here again for a couple of nights while her brother is here, so we will both catch up with her again during his visit. Given she's barely seen him since my last visit to Melbourne, she'll probably see more of him while they're both here than she does at home.

The Brat has settled into his new job at Cha Cha Char, a steak restaurant close to the Brisbane River. He's very happy there, the staff are great, there is so far no sign of the bullying culture we have come to expect, and Chef has been great about my situation, and let him know there's no problem if he needs time off. It's unlikely he will, but good to know all the same. He has also recently participated in the Under 21 National Europen Handball Championships in Sydney. Now THAT'S a very strange sport, very fast and intense, and even though he has not played a lot of it, his basketball background ensured The Brat slotted in as a top player immediately.

Unfortunately he hasn't been feeling terribly well... nothing specific, just generally flat. He took himself off to the Doctor this evening, and they have decided to repeat the blood tests they did when he had Glandular Fever earlier this year. He also made the decision to avoid alcohol completely for a while, as it's become harder for him to just have a few social drinks. He finds he is writing himself off every time he drinks, and mindful of the history of alcoholism in my Dad's side of the family, he thinks it would be a good idea to lay off. Also his liver function tests weren't crash hot when he had the Glandular Fever, so that may be concerning him a bit as well. I know for a fact that he first started drinking very heavily when he was at his last job, as the stress of that situation was really getting to him. Now, even though there is the Cancer issue hanging over us, he obviously feels strong enough to cope without booze, at least for a time. Hopefully peer pressure won't drag him off the wagon, but it's a possibility he recognises and thinks he can withstand. I am EXTREMELY proud of him for having made this decision off his own bat.

Not much to report on the job front, as I haven't been there for a couple of weeks, but my boss has been amazing since my diagnosis and will continue to support my need for days or half days off to attend various appointments. I'm fortunate that I have a reasonable amount of leave up my sleeve, and more due in September. He won't quibble about advancing me leave if that becomes necessary. I return to work on Monday, and my biggest concern is getting through the days without a Nanna Nap.

Okay, that's about it... I promise not to report in daily with the countdown.... but will be back when there is more to report. May need to wait until after the visit, unless something exciting happens in the meantime.


  1. Glandular fever never leaves you. It has a nasty habit of flaring up when you get any other similar virus.

    Important: DO NOT let the Brat take any of those liver cleanser pills. They all have dandelion in them. It acts as a purge, and if his liver is already damaged, it will do more damage. Instead, try Blackmore's Milk Thistle. It is the only reasonably priced commercial product that really helps. You can get it at the supermarket, too.

    Have fun with Fireman Sam. A jolly good hosing is just what you need right now. That, and Tim Tams.

  2. Hey, it does sound like the Brat has something chronic like Glandular. My brother had it a few years ago - and now he gets crook quite easily. It screwed with his immune system.

    He actually got it during a time when he was going out and drinking heavily - and yeah, the two DON'T mix. It's big kudos to the Brat if he can avoid the alcohol until he can work out how to drink in small amounts and not go overboard.

  3. Have a lovely break with FS, Mayhem. You deserve one!

  4. Enjoy your break, I hope you get lovely weather for it.

  5. Catty, GC: I suspect that the Glandular Fever is making it's presence felt. The Brat seems to have a flare up when he's under particular stress. The last time was with that horrible horrible job. Can't think what he might have to be stressed about now though... The good news is, he seems to have perked up a bit over the last couple of days. He hasn't had ANY alcohol in over a week, and his friends seem to be supportive which is a relief. He's well on his way to buying a car, and he will call the Doc tomorrow for the results of the repeat blood tests.

    Ladies: I am certain we will have a wonderful break, I have been driving the man nuts counting sleeps, so I have promised not to do that any more. Luckily he doesn't tweet, so I'm driving everyone nuts with it over there instead. Qupks, I have a feeling we could be stranded in a blizzard or a monsoon, and it seriously WON'T matter.

  6. Well in that case I hope you get some nice snuggling weather.

  7. I don't think the weather matters, much, Quokka. If it's raining, Mayhem and FS can have doona and hot chocolate sex. If it's sunny, they can have beach sex. If it's fine with isolated showers, they can have park sex. If it's humid, they can have bathtub sex. If it's overcast, they can have movie theatre sex. If it's hailing, they can have elevator sex.

    Yes, I'm kidding. Elevator sex is for any weather.


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