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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something From The Brat!

I came across this on Facebook yesterday morning. Sick with an ongoing virus, The Brat just randomly decided to bash out a little story. It blew ME away, not that I actually have a clue, and he gave me permission to drop it in here. So here it is, reproduced as written, spelling mistakes and all. (It WAS 2 am after all).

A pesky fly circled my head, I swiped.

It took a good dozen-or-so swings before the fly went down, spiralling to the floor below. In it's uncontrollable daze, the fly had managed to land at the edge of a spider's web.

Needless to say, it didn't take long before the spider emerged, ready to lunge upon her prey with delight. The fly's counter attack was to buzz frantically, in a bid to free itself from the confines of its trap... a deperate bid which ultimately lead to an even worse fate.

As the spider closed in on her victim, the fly was relentless in its attepmts to escape. The spider closed in, spinning her web of despair upon the fly, the innocent victim of my crime only comitted in a time of annoyance. Twice the spider retreated, then a third... It soon became four, then five then ten....

The fly was getting nowhere, and it one final attempt to free itself from the clutches of the web and its ravenous occupant, the fly shifted it's position on in a counter-clockwise fashion. Big mistake. It was this manouvre which brought about the sweet taste of victory for the spider.

It took a mere sixty seconds, perhaps even less for the spider to reap her reward - to the victor goes the spoils. She spun her sticky secretion around the fly, rendering it paralyzed, motionless in its cage of silver peril.

Once the evil deed had been done, the spider wrangled the swinging carcass back to her hollow den - an old empty toilet paper roll - to which she presented a feast to all her young, a satisfyingly blood-stained feast.

Devoured no doubt, in seconds.


  1. Well observed, Brat!

    (I'll take it as a piece of natural history, not as an allegory of womens' behaviour :)

  2. MM: LOL from The Brat.

    He hadn't thought of it that way. But you're right, the observation and the description were what got me. (I am in trouble however, for not fixing the spelling mistakes)!

  3. Well done, there is a huge difference between looking and seeing, and you have already mastered it, it seems. Keep up the good work.


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