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Single Mum of teenage chef, affectionately known as The Brat. Have started a new life at the tender age of 44, embarking on a relationship with my childhood sweetheart... I know cliche central, but so far it works for us! New job, new friends, new challenges. Life's GOOD!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So Here I Am

Don't say I didn't warn you!

First, thanks to Jennicki and Abigail for encouraging me to try this for myself.

Second, the blame must go to Mr Birmingham, whose Blunt Instrument introduced me to the weird and wonderful world of blogging and the amazing, sometimes whacky characters who inhabit this strange universe.

As I may have stated elsewhere, I'm actually a somewhat boring person in real life, my name is not a description of my life (most of the time), merely wishful thinking. Thanks (or blame) also to Mr Havock, whose name inspired mine and convinced me that in a small corner of my life I could possibly be as funny, outrageous and courageous as some of you.

I have read and loved many of your blogs, and consequently my week and a half of annual leave to spring clean and recharge my batteries after a series of minor but persistant illnesses, has been not wasted exactly, (though the house still looks like the aftermath of a zombie invasion), but not quite as productive as I had hoped and planned.

So me....
The single mother of an 18 year old son, affectionately known as the brat, I'm pretty sure I've done a reasonable job with him. He is gainfully employed (an apprentice chef), and has only been arrested once (at schoolies - I am assured that it doesn't count). I am close to my family and actually get along with most of my siblings most of the time.

I have worked in various branches of the financial services industry, banking , insurance and now financial planning, and am about to embark on a study program to obtain qualifications in this area. I find it deliciously ironic that one can work in finances without actually having any to speak of.

My lover is my childhood sweetheart! Unfortunately my childhood was mainly spent thousands of kilometers from where I now live, and he is still there. One day, when our respective children are just a little bit older and more independant, we will live in the same state. Probably Victoria. In the meantime, I will quit smoking in order to have some play money, so I can fly down there occasionally to ummmm..... play. Watch this space!

The purpose of this blog is for me to be able to be funny, outrageous, outraged, cranky, sad, happy or whatever I bloody feel like at the time, with relative anonymity. (Especially from the relatives!) In coming weeks as I attempt for the squillionth time to quit smoking, there is likely to be very little funny or happy, and plenty of cranky and sad. Hopefully my ravings (and they will be ravings), will be a therapeutic tool on my way to a healthier, wealthier lifestyle.

So, that's about it.... Welcome, and I would love you to stick around, or just pop your head in occasionally, deliver a swift kick if I'm being particularly painful, or help me celebrate my triumphs.


  1. Hey mayhem, welcome to the world of blogging.

    Yes, being arrested at schoolies doesn't count, in fact I think you can be arrested for not getting arrested at schoolies.

    Get stuck into the blogging, good luck with giving up smoking and stay away from twitter (it's evil).

  2. Thanks Nautilus, think it will be a blast.

    Not convinced about the arrest business, are you sure you're not one of the brat's mates in disguise?

    And ta on the heads up on twitter. Had actually been considering it, (previously my response had been I am not a twit!) but will steer clear for now.


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