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Single Mum of teenage chef, affectionately known as The Brat. Have started a new life at the tender age of 44, embarking on a relationship with my childhood sweetheart... I know cliche central, but so far it works for us! New job, new friends, new challenges. Life's GOOD!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Well it IS about time....

Finally, some 3 and a half months after the big move, I am reconnected, other than via the iPhone. Many of you have a rough idea from Twitter, of the twists and turns of the last little while, however for the non-twitterati, a recap.

Trip down was fine, very rushed and a straight through drive. One day to recover then into the new job. A bit tiring, but I gradually regained my equilibrium and all was going well. The job is great, and I really feel I can finally have the career I want with this organisation, but more on that later...

J and I are still adjusting to living with each other. He had been living alone for about 15 years, while for me it had been roughly 20. When I say alone, I mean unpartnered, I have always had The Brat, and at various times my sister and brother, whilst he has lived with his sister's family, as well as with his Dad. As is to be expected I suppose, we've had a few little issues, but at least this time around we are mature enough to discuss them, compromise and get past them. I don't for a second believe it will be smooth sailing all the time, but from my (admittedly limited) experience, I don't think any real relationship is! Suffice to say that we are both happy with our current arrangement, and don't see that changing any time soon.

My health has been the major issue since the move. As was necessary, I investigated the options for my continuing Cancer follow-up. Arranged a referral from my GP to The Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, and liased with them about retrieving my records from The Mater. Also made arrangements to have my first annual Mammogram. That's where the fun started. Doc reading the mammo decided that there were a couple of grey areas, and an Ultrasound was called for. The report indicated that he was merely being thorough due to my history. Okay, gotta be happy that he wasn't being casual with my health, but mildly concerning. Then the Ultrasound a couple of weeks later. This time a little more concern. Two distinct areas of suspicion, biopsies of both strongly recommended.

I received the Ultrasound report only the day before my scheduled appointments to meet with my new Surgeon and Oncologist. It was supposed to be just a general checkup, but instead my poor Surgeon was thrown in the deep end, with immediate investigations to be arranged. She cancelled my Oncology appointment, and instead raced up to Radiology (herself), to BEG for immediate biopsies. This was accomplished, and a nervous wait for results began. J was amazing.... dealt brilliantly with my mood swings, constantly reassuring me that it would be okay regardless of the results, getting me to appointments as often as he was able, and just holding me as I cried!

My sister actually accompanied me to the Surgeon for the biopsy results, J had planned to meet us there, but was unable due to a work situation. He was still on his way, when I phoned to let him know that the results were good, but to be completely safe, my Surgeon wanted to remove the offending lesions anyway. Again, fantastic commitment by my medical team, my surgery was scheduled for two days later, and the fun began again. I always knew that the likeliest outcome was that everything would be alright.... but that little niggle of doubt and worry just doesn't go away! Until you get that final result... ALL CLEAR!!! Have continued to have some minor issues, a mild infection, followed just this past week by a fluid buildup, but problems easily rectified, and non-lethal. Just PAINFUL!

My employers have been FANFKINGTASTIC throughout. I have been paid for every hour I've been away from work, and there have been many of them. On two occasions, managers have arranged cab vouchers to get me home when my ambition exceeded my capability. (Total cost $120.00). I've had training in areas that will take me off the phones, so that if I'm a little off-colour I can continue working without actually interacting with clients. I have been offered support, counselling, extra break time, shoulders to cry on, and basically anything I need. When I express my gratitude, they tell me that I've earned it, just by doing everything I can to show up and perform my role to the best of my ability at that given moment. That's wonderful to hear, but doesn't stop me feeling somewhat guilty...

So health-wise, almost back on an even keel. relationship-wise, steady as she goes. My finances are still  slightly out of control, but light at the end of the tunnel. The Brat has had some issues, a licence suspension due to DUI, then loss of another job, and his girlfriend moving away to Ireland, have all contributed to some rocky times for him. Luckily Mum has been there every step of the way for him, and things are improving. He has steady work at two restaurants owned by the same guy, and he is scheduled to be qualified on the 25th of July, a week after his 20th birthday. I miss him terribly, but hope he can get down for a visit fairly soon. I'm also thinking about heading up to Brisbane late November or thereabouts, as I won't be there for Christmas.

So that's basically it! A rambling post to be sure, but I figured a catchup was needed. I'm having thoughts about the direction I will take with this Blog from here on in... I'm going to keep it, and maybe even the other one as well, but I may tinker with the content. Either way, I'm back..........


  1. Glad to hear the employer has been so supportive, and nice to see you settling down here.

  2. Great to hear that the dust has settled, Mayhem. I hope that everything stays golden at the end of your rainbow. Big happy hugs!

  3. Oh that is great news, and it's so wonderful to hear you're with your man and you have a wonderful, supportive network of doctors and co-workers around as well!

  4. Hmmm... your new employer's attitude must be quite the contrast to your previous situation!

    You'll feel less uneasy (and guilty!) when you get used to being appreciated for your all-round fabulousness, Mayhem darling.


    p.s... other blog? What other blog??

  5. Thanks guys! It's nice to be well(ish) and happy!

    Madam, did you never check in to my other blog? I'm sure you did.
    "Of Laughter and Tears". There's a link on my blogroll. I started it to describe my cancer journey.

  6. No, no, this is all wrong. Where's the faff? You need more faff, Mayhem. I show up with chocolate, Bangar's here so there must be cumquat brandy, Madam's here, so there's Kettle chips, WHY is there no faff? I'd better start you off.

    Q: What's a Shitzu?

    A: A zoo with no animals.

  7. Typical, by the time I figure out where you've all disappeared to the vodka and the chocolate is gone too.

    Good to hear that things are OK in your world, Mayhem. I'm so pleased that you've made it to Melbourne, after all that wishing and planning. It must be a good feeling.
    And don't worry about the bumps in the relationship road, we argued for the first 13 years and then suddenly every incendiary comment or sullen expression became a cause for high mirth from the person it was directed at. FWIW I think the magical turning point of any relationship is when you just can't take your partner's quirk's, foibles or oddities seriously anymore and they all just become entertainment.

    You'll get there, it just takes patience and perseverance.

  8. Huh. The Boss has been laughing at me since we met. And here we are, all these years later, and I still get the urge to flush his head in the toilet with monotonous regularity.

    Marriage. Not for those on water restrictions.

  9. All good news MM. That's a fine employer you've got there (& vice versa). We'll be in Melbourne in October to see the Tut stuff & visit family. Maybe we could do a coffee? And I'm stealing that Shitzu joke Catty, right . . . now.

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  12. O.k, Mayhem, I've been sitting here for months, waiting for the faff. Get on with it, girl!


Faff is acceptable.